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Nicolas gets huge results!

In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Nicolas proved time and time again to get huge results on CRO projects. If you're looking for someone to help implement a conversion optimization strategy, design new pages, or dig up—and take action on—valuable insights, I'd highly recommend you work with Nicolas.

Todd Staples, Expert in Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing Pros

Consistently delivers impressive results

One of the most impressive things about Nicolas is his level of consistency in everything he does. He  consistently delivers impressive results, on schedule, and for as long as the project lasts. It's always great when I get to work with Nicolas and I would strongly recommend him for any project he is willing to take on.

Casey Bell, Web Optimization Consultant at Conversion Rate Experts

Hi, I’m Nicolas, and here’s why my clients hire me...


I have been working online for 15 years and I specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization. I work with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies on a recurring basis.

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  • I get results. And I'll get YOU results. I average an increase of 245% in my client's website's conversion rate every year. That's a 20% lift each month, every month, no matter the market.

  • I've launched, grown and SOLD 2 startups. I've been working online for 15 years and have started from scratch - and then sold - two fast-growing websites: a leading gaming information portal and an online advertising network.

  • I know how to TUNE IN to your visitor's incoming mindset. Prior to becoming an expert on Conversion Rate Optimization, I worked for an international web agency and specialized in SEO, PPC and Analytics. I can enhance your optimization strategy by identifying which pages to test on, and where to send your traffic.

  • I'm an expert in sales and persuasion so I'll get you MORE CUSTOMERS. I've been selling real-world products, as well as ebooks, training videos and online membership site subscriptions for more than 10 years. I know the art of persuasion and which triggers to push to get you a sale or lead.

  • I'm not tied to a single testing platform. I am an expert on Optimizely, the leading A/B testing software, but I'm also seasoned with all of the other major testing tools (such as VWO, Google Content Experiments and Adobe Test&Target).

  • And finally...

  • I GUARANTEE my work. You'll get quality actionable insights, coupled with solid A/B test ideas, or I'll simply give you a full, 100% refund to the last penny. No small print.

Increase your Revenue with Nicolas


One of the smartest guys I’ve met!

Nicolas is one of the smartest guys I've met in my life! He's curious, innovative and always brings good ideas and solutions to the table.

Isabelle Lafetiere, Design Director, Tink Agency Montreal


On several projects that we collaborated on, Nicolas was instrumental in developing very effective page layouts not only for the search engines but for the users. A great addition to any team.

Frederique Garzon, Information Architect
  • What's included in a call & what happens next:

    • STEP1- Reserve a Consultation Slot. Start by filling out the [form below].

    • STEP2- If I see that you're a good fit for a review, I'll ask you a few more questions on your business and we'll schedule a convenient time for a call.

    • STEP3- We'll hold our live call (using screen sharing) during which I'll present:

      • - A heatmap analysis, and actionable A/B tests derived from it
      • - A critique of design elements that can hinder your conversions
      • - An assessment of your copy (headlines, call to actions, etc.) and what to test next
      • - How to leverage persuasion elements that you might be underutilizing
      • - How to highlight what your current customers like about your product or service
      • - MOST IMPORTANTLY --> I'll answer any questions you have on how to improve your conversion rate
      Here’s when I’ll help you boost your conversions and generate more revenue
    • STEP4- I'll send you the recording of our session together so you don't have to worry about taking notes during our call.

  • Increase your Revenue with Nicolas


    I only have room for 4 new clients per month, here's why...

    I'm limited in the number of extra clients I can take. This is because I work with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies on a recurring basis (as a professional courtesy, I can't disclose them on this page).

    Because of this, I only have time to take on 4 new clients per month. That's it.

    NOTE: My consultations are not for everyone. I will only take on clients that are focused on improving their landing pages and understand conversion rate optimization is a great way to drastically increase their profits - without paying for traffic.

    If you think you qualify, please fill the quick form below now: